How to live well

Since childhood, people living in this world have been fighters in their minds who constantly had to fight invisible battles to be better at school, make more money than others, and do everything better than others.

However, those who are big-minded can become successful and achieve what they want in life.

Those who are small-minded face obstacles on their way toward their goals because they encounter conflicts in everything they do.

In the U.S., statistics show that rather than those who have good grades in school, those who have better characters and personalities become more successful later in life. When it comes to surviving in this world, one who lives an overly selfish life does not last long.

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Those who are generous, understanding of others, and big-minded become successful because people around them support and cooperate with them.

One can become successul if he changes his mind to the big mind, allowing him to diligently dedicate himself to the world that he does with that bid mind.

The way to change one’s mind to a big mind is to eliminate one’s conceptions and customs.

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